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Swanky C Serum

Swanky C Serum

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swanky c serum 


Our Swanky C Serum is specially formulated to target and combat the fades hyper pigmantation, brightens your skin tone and reduces signs of aging, reduction of fine lines, glowing and plump your skin and reduce dark spots and dark circles.

      The lightweight and non-greasy formula of our Swanky C Serum absorbs quickly into your skin, providing a refreshing and soothing sensation that helps to reduce dark circles and reduce the fine lines.


      Aqua, Alpha Arbutin, Dexapanthenol, Nicotinamide, Aloevera-Extract, Vitamin C, Propylene Glycol, Glycerine, Orange Oil, Artificial Color & Fragrance

How to Use

       Wash your face and apply 4 to 5 drops of the product on cleansed face daily. Leave until completely absorbed. seal the serum with a hydrating moisturizer.


Fades Hyper Pigmantation.
Brightens The Skin Tone.
Reduces Signs Of Ageing.
Reduction Of Fine Lines.
Reduces Dark Spots.
Reduces Dark Circles.

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